Tuscan Rose Hand Dyed Fabrics

We hand dye our fabric with colors that we have custom mixed to give a unique blend of colors and distinct patterns making this a truly unique piece of fabric. Our fabric is 100% high quality mercerized cotton, that is substantial, smooth and suitable for use in any application that you would use a high grade quilt shop type cotton. This custom material is dyed with fiber reactive dyes that are colorfast and light fast. Our fabric has been washed twice with synthrapol, pressed and is ready for you to use. However, if you plan to use this fabric with a very light or white fabric, we recommend that you pre-wash your material or use a dye catcher just to make absolutely certain that any tiny trace of dye is removed. Fabric is preshrunk and when using with other fabrics, it is recommended that those fabric are also washed to allow for shrinking.

Caring For Your Hand Dyed Fabrics

All Tuscan Rose fabrics are dyed with fiber-reactive Procion dye. This professional process is followed with a triple wash and rinsed with Synthrapol which is a finishing step that removes un-bonded dye molecules.
We recommend an additional wash using regular BLUE Dawn or Synthrapol in the hottest water possible, tumble dry, and iron before use. Water varies in mineral and chemical content across the U.S. and in other countries, so we recommend this prewash as an extra precaution if you are concerned about dye migration.  We make no guarantee that our fabric will never have color-bleeding issues, although we've tested them excessively and have had no bleeding. Bright or dark reds can have bleeding issues more than other colors.
Our hand dyed fabrics can be used, washed and dried and used like any quality quilt store fabric. We do recommend that you use a detergent without phosphates or bleach additives just as you would with your own high quality clothing.